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6- Adam Faux

Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Producer, a man of many hats, Adam Faux (who’s actually the producer of this very podcast), sits down with Julien at Lemon Press Studios and they go deep. Adam’s vast career in the music business spans over 30 years and they cover a big part of that in this episode. They discuss the 80’s Toronto punk rock scene, making hit records with “Pigfarm”, the luxuries of piling 4 guys in a nicotine soaked touring van and racking up the miles over several years of touring North America with a few great stories thrown in there.
They also get the story behind one of Adam’s most powerful songs, Josephine. Listen through the end of the whole episode to hear the song– it’s a great listen.
Once again, Jen Grant stops in for a hysterical version of “Mariah or Yoko” where they square off and take on “When a Man Loves a Woman”. High.

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About the author, Julien

Stand up comedian & writer, Julien Dionne has been touring North America since 2006. Performed at all major comedy clubs and festivals in Canada.

Festivals: Juste Pour Rire, JFL42, ZOOFEST, OFF-JFL, ComédiHa, Hubcap Comedy Festival, Grand-Montréal Comédie Fest, Cornwall Comedy Festival

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